Hi, I’m Emily Burnett

I’m a corporate quitter thinking through what it means to be a dreamer, and what it means and looks like to get off the sidelines to live meaningfully. Join our party of explorers, meaning-seekers, and entrepreneurs bent on creating cool things and doing more than just getting by.

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One of my big dreams involves helping more dreamers be inspired and more (financially) able to venture into the unknown. The unknown is where you meet the coolest people, including yourself, and get the best stories. It’s also where you create the satisfaction and opportunities you crave.

For those of us who are already entrepreneuring, it means being willing to re-evaluate what we’re building, how we’re building it, and what we need to let go of to really do the thing. Maybe an influencer sold you on their dream, and you’re realizing there’s very little of you in your business or how you’re running it.

We dreamers need each other and loads of reminders that our dreams matter, that there’s so much more to life than being comfortable. We need reminders to slow down, to get off the treadmill of consumption, to take the reigns of our money, to simplify so we can start hearing and trusting our own ideas.

And that’s why I started More to Your Life. It’s where this corporate quitter, writer, entrepreneur, and traveler shares stories, interviews, and resources to help my dreamer friends so we can do this whole venturing thing together.

About me

Hi, I’m Emily! I’m an experienced risk taker and corporate quitter. As in, I am experienced in multiple start-up/corporate experiences, and I’m also experienced at leaving multiple times to pursue my own stuff.

After nearly 10 years in web/marketing technology (not my first career), I left corporate in September 2022 for what’s turned into a “mid-life gap year” of traveling much of the US and lots of Europe, building my business, and falling unexpectedly in love with writing.

One of life’s really good days. Near the top of Pike’s Peak in Colorado on a drive on a hot summer day. Yes, I am wearing a coat :-)

I’ve written and coached widely on the subject of personal finance particularly for those who like to avoid the subject—see my first book Dear Fellow Spenderand more broadly, the topic of living intentionally and with a spirit of adventure. You can see all my pre-Substack stuff over at emilyburnett.me. I’m currently writing Dear Fellow Dreamer in addition to my writing here.

I most recently lived just outside Salt Lake City, UT and have strong roots in Big Sky Country (Montana). I read avidly and widely, love being outside, and am a recent pickleball addict. I don’t have a family of my own yet, but love my wide network of friends and family and fellow dreamers all over the country and world 🌎❤️ I can be reached at emily@emilyburnett.me.

Thanks for reading!

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Seasoned corporate leaver with lots of thoughts about staying, leaving, and being your own person. Author, financial coach, risk-taker, trying to be intentional about life + money. Life-longer dreamer and entrepreneur. Story-teller.